Roller Coverings


    NYCO®  roller coverings are designed for increasing coefficient of friction, which can be used in various processing stages of textile industry such  as being used in water-jet,  air-jet,  rapier,  projectile  looms, fabric inspection machines and dyeing & printing machines by way of wrapping their fabric guide rollers. 
    NYCO®  roller coverings' standards: 100m(long)*100mm, 50mm, 40mm, 38mm (wide)  in the  form  of rolls. Other widths can also be supplied on request. When being used they  should  be  wound  spirally onto rollers  and secured firmly by gluing and fixing two ends with  special binding material and clamps or screws. 

    NYCO®  roller coverings have various kinds of surface textural designes. With the advantages of  wear-resistance, no deformation, no elongation, no stripping and durability they are designed for drawing all kinds of fabrics.

    Table 2.5 shows the types, technical data and application examples of roller coverings.

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