Nylon Sheets


    NYBELT produces uniaxially oriented nylon sheets with high tension and high modulus, which are ideal base materials for power transmission and conveyor belts.
    NYCO® uniaxially oriented nylon sheets have the following characteristics and advantages: 
    --High tensile strength like steel with flexibility of plastic;
    --Good properties of resistance to oil and chemical corrosion;
    --Good bondability with adhesive materials; 
    --Excellent flexural fatigue endurance;
    --Good stability to heat.

    The width of NYCO® nylon sheets can be up to 540mm and their maximum thickness is 1.75mm. In normal conditions NYCO®sheets can be used directly without any need of piece-togethering in width or thickness. Compared with those narrower and thinner sheets produced by other manufacturers, NYBELT'S nylon sheets have the advantages of easy application and no risk of transverse tear and peeling of layers, thus strengthening the stability of the flat belts

    Testing Condition:23¡À3oC 655% RH.
    The specimens must be conditioned at 23¡À3oC 655% for 48hrs before testing.

    In normal conditions nylon sheets have the excellent property of resistance to chemicals like alkalis, alcohol, ethers hydrocarbons, oils, soap and sea waters, etc.
    Note: Nylon sheet of other specifications can be supplied on request; 
    The data in the table are merely for reference, changes may be made without any notice. 

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